A wide range of new and re-manufactured, starter and alternator units are available from passenger vehicles to earth moving equipment.

Main components like armatures, field coils, bendix drives and solenoids for starters, as well as rotors and stators for alternators, are all available new and re-manufactured.



  • Rectifier failure, most often caused by diode malfunction, is one of the primary causes of alternator failure.


  • Bearings are critical to alternator durability because of extreme lateral loads applied by the driven belt, in addition to excessive heat and vibration.

Rotors and Stators

  • The heart of the alternator and its current-generating components, rotors and stators may be subjected to excessive heat that can deteriorate insulation and cause shots.

Slip Rings

  • Slip rings must be in constant contact with the brushes or, uneven wear can occur and lead to failure


  • Worn brushes interrupt electrical contact and shorten the life of alternators