When any of your car’s engine management lights goes on, it can be very stressful. This can be an indication of a serious underlying problem or something very simple to correct. Geosergio Auto Electricians can fix and repair the problem on all cars, bakkies, 4x4’s and trucks.

Our workshop will put the vehicle through a series of engine diagnostics tests to find out exactly what the problem is. We use the latest and best computerised vehicle engine diagnostics testing equipment to check all the functions and safety of your vehicle engine. Our vehicle engine diagnostic scanner is equipped to tests vehicle completely to detect even the slightest faults or failures.

How vehicle engine diagnostics testing works:
Most modern vehicles are fitted with an electronic “brain” (ECU or Engine Control Unit) that controls all the workings of the engine, from something as simple as turning on the air conditioner to the most complex task of balancing the fuel and air mixture for optimum fuel efficiency and performance.

When the vehicle with a faulty engine comes in our team will connect the “brain” of the vehicle to our sophisticated computerised diagnostics equipment which will give us a detailed report and pinpoint the underlying faults to be corrected.

Fault detection during a diagnostics test:
Low engine performance.
High fuel consumption.
Air bags not working.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
Engine misfire.
Fuel injection and injectors dysfunction.
Problems during engine starts.
Problems with air flow sensors.

For engine longevity it is important that any problems be identified correctly to be properly repaired.
Our computerised engine diagnostics testing equipment cuts out the tedious task of trial and error to find the problem. It enables us to quickly pinpoint the exact issue to ensure as low a repair cost as possible for you.

Make an appointment today for repairs at Geosergio Auto Electricians to have your vehicle attended to professionally. We do all vehicle engine diagnostic tests and repairs in the Pretoria and Centurion area.